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Why Summer Camp Is A Good Idea If You Home School Your Children

While the bulk of parents opt to send their children to schools in the community, you might be a parent who feels that a home-based education is the best approach. Home schooling kids can provide several benefits, including a much lower student-to-teacher ratio and a learning-focused environment that doesn't include distractions from other children. If you home school your children and the summer break is fast approach, you should consider co-ed summer camp for your son and your daughter. Here are some reasons that summer camp is a good idea for children who are home schooled.

It Offers A Chance To Socialize

One of the challenges of home schooling is that your children may not get to develop their social side as easily as children who attend school with their peers. You don't want your children to struggle socially once they leave your home to attend high school, if that's your plan, and looking for constructive, organized environments that will give your kids a chance to spend time with children of the same age is a good idea. Summer camp can definitely provide this opportunity, and you may notice a growth in your children's social skills after the camp experience.

It Provides Exposure To Non-Parental Role Models

There's certainly nothing wrong with you being both parent and teacher to your children, but one potential issue of this dynamic is that your kids won't frequently get a chance to have role models and authority figures outside of the home. Attending summer camp gives your children an opportunity to listen to camp counselors and staff members who aren't family members. These encounters can be educational for your children. For example, they'll get to learn from those who may take different approaches to problem solving than you do.

It Gives Everyone A Break

Children often look forward to going to school as a way of spending some time away from their parents, and some parents may even admit that they appreciate the break during the school day. With home schooling, this break isn't frequent — you're likely spending seven days a week with your children, and this may lead to some stress for all of you. Instead of spending all of your summer days together, too, sending your children to summer camp can be an effective way to allow them to flourish outside of your supervision, while you might also enjoy a break from them for a week or two.