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Heading Camping For Fun Although many people like to head to tropical vacations, I always love getting out into the woods, enjoying a campfire, and really relaxing with nothing else to do. I really started thinking that it would be fun to start camping on a regular basis, so I started talking with friends about the possibility of making it a regular thing. I found an excellent camping spot that was perfect for me and my family, and it was interesting to see how much more relaxed my family and kids were. I absolutely love bringing them out into the wilderness where they can let loose and be theirselves, so I made this website. Read more about the joys of camping on my blog.




Three Reasons To Camp With A Hammock, Rather Than A Tent

Perhaps more than any other piece of gear, a tent is intrinsically linked with camping. Many people believe that they cannot camp without a tent, but this simply isn't true. A tent represents a major expense, but if you're looking to go camping and don't want to buy a tent, you can still plan your outdoor adventure. Instead, buy a camping hammock. Many camping enthusiasts use camping hammocks as alternatives to tents, which can be advantageous in a number of different ways. Here are three reasons that you should consider camping with a hammock, rather than with a tent.

It's More Comfortable

One of the worst parts of camping is the discomfort that you may experience while sleeping. Some people sleep directly on the floor of their tent, which lacks the softness that you usually need for a good night's sleep. Other people pack a series of air and foam mattresses, sleeping bags, and blankets, but still struggle to get comfortable because of the hardness of the ground beneath their tent. A hammock is one of the most comfortable places in which you can lie — and anyone who has dozed off in a hammock in their backyard will tell you the same. You may find that sleeping in a camping hammock instead of in a tent will give you a superior quality of sleep.

It's Easier To Set Up

When it comes to setting up your camping gear, there's nothing that takes longer than setting up the tent. While modern-era tents are certainly quicker to prepare than those from a couple of decades ago, the reality is that setting up a tent can be time consuming and stressful. Conversely, setting up a camping hammock takes only a matter of minutes at most. The longest part of the job is finding a pair of suitably spaced trees from which to hang your hammock.

It's Lighter To Carry

Not everyone likes to camp in locations that they can reach by car. If you're someone who really enjoys getting out in nature, you might want to hike for several miles before you set up your camping area. This means that you need to be aware of the weight of the gear that you'll be carrying. The lighter you can keep your supplies, the more comfortable your hike will be. A camping hammock is lighter than a tent, making it easier to carry over long distances.