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Consider Enrolling Your Daughter In Self Defense Overnight Camp

If you're concerned about the safety of your daughter, as most parents are, you might constantly be looking for ways to help your daughter be safer. Martial arts training is one strategy, but another idea is to consider enrolling her in self defense overnight camp. Such camps — many of which are led by martial arts academies — give their students a basic understanding of self defense over the course of the camp. By the last day, your daughter should feel not only more confident in her ability to defend herself, but also more confident in her day-to-day activities. Here are some specific areas in which the camp will focus.

Physical Defense Skills

As you might expect, your daughter's self defense overnight camp will place a heavy emphasis on teaching physical defense skills. Your daughter will learn how to defend herself in a number of ways, and will likely get to put these skills into practice against a mock assailant wearing protective gear. She'll learn how to use her hands and feet against an attacker, which parts of the body to target, and how to wrestle out of common types of holds. Since your daughter may be physically smaller than most assailants, she'll also learn how to use her size as leverage against someone who is bigger.

Verbal Defense Skills

Being a skilled self defender isn't just about physical self defense. Long before a confrontation turns physical, the would-be victim has a chance to use verbal skills to stay safe. Often, adolescents are afraid to speak up for themselves, and this can make them easy targets. Self defense overnight camp will empower your daughter to be vocal when she feels threatened. The ability to loudly call for help or tell a would-be assailant that she will not be a victim can help your daughter to effectively manage a wide range of dangerous situations.

Situational Awareness Skills

Your daughter will also learn how to improve her awareness of her surroundings to lessen the chance of being an easy target. A girl who has headphones on and is focused on her smartphone screen can be an easy target for someone who wants to mug her, for example. She'll learn how to watch for pre-attack cues from people, how to feel confident moving away from someone whose behavior is concerning, and how to position herself in different environments. For example, something as simple as standing with her back to the wall can limit the angles at which an assailant could approach her.