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Pros & Cons Of Collapsible Camp Stoves

When you are out in the open wild, having the ability to cook on something other than a regular fire is convenient. However, if you often take your camping trips far off the beaten path, it is not always feasible to carry a traditional camping stove with you. Older models were not really designed with absolute portability in mind; some were awkward, heavy, and cumbersome to carry. Collapsible camp stoves are a more modern alternative, and these things do have their advantages. Check out a short list of some of the pros and cons to consider, regarding folding or collapsible camp stoves. 

Pro: Collapsible stoves are small enough to carry in your backpack. 

You can get collapsible and folding stoves in several sizes, but, if small is what you are going for, you can definitely find small ones. If you need a cooking instrument that can be folded down small enough to fit in your backpack, this is completely possible, with many of the collapsible units. Not to mention, the stoves tend to be made out of lightweight aluminum and metal alloys, so they don't add a lot of heft to your load. 

Con: Most stoves do rely on propane fuel. 

This downside is pretty much expected, if you want the convenience of cooking on the fly, but it is something some campers don't necessarily like. A lot of the folding camp stoves on the market rely on small propane tanks for power. It can be a nuisance, to have a collapsible stove that saves all kinds of space, but still requires a propane tank. 

Pro: Most of these stoves are designed to be wind-resistant. 

If you are camping high in the mountains where the wind can be brutal, cooking can be a huge challenge with traditional camping stoves. One of the perks that collapsible models have to offer is most of them have a wind barrier that protects the fire chamber so you can still cook at times when the wind is up without worrying about constantly relighting your flames. 

Con: Some collapsible camp stoves require certain accessories. 

Not all, but some of the stoves you will find that are collapsible in design will only work with certain types of pans or cooking containers. Therefore, you may have to invest in a stove and a few extra cooking implements, beyond the stove itself. 

For examples of types of portable camping stoves, check out Kwik Stove.